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Control of Bleeding:

Bite firmly on gauze for three hours following your surgery or until the bleeding has stopped. Change the
gauze every 45 minutes or more frequently if necessary. (A slight amount of oozing for the first 24 hours
is normal.) If the surgical site continues to bleed SIGNIFICANTLY for more than six hours, bite firmly on a
moistened tea bag for 30 minutes. Occasionally sutures are placed to help control bleeding or to aid in
healing. if non-dissolvable sutures (black in color) were placed, we will need to see you back in 7 days
to remove them. Dissolvable sutures (a light tan color) will fall out in 5-7 days.


Take prescription pain medicine only as directed. Always take with food to help prevent stomach upset.
Mylanta or Pepto Bismol may be taken 15 minutes prior to taking strong prescription pain medicine to help
reduce stomach upset or nausea. The local anesthesia you received will last for 3 to 6 hours. It is
important to take the pain medicine before the numbness from the local anesthetic completely wears off.
If the pain is not severe, take 600-800 mg of ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) or regular Tyenol. Prescription
antibiotics should be taken as directed until gone. Discontinue any medications if you develop a skin rash,
hives or itching. If you find you are taking large amounts of pain medicine at frequent intervals, please
call our office. If you anticipate needing more prescription medication for the weekend, you must call for
a refill during weekday business hours.


After surgery start off with luke-warm or cool liquids such as broth, soups, Jell-O and juices. If liquids
are tolerated progress to a soft diet consisting of foods such as pudding, egg and pasta dishes, mashed
potatoes or soft cereals. Avoid very hot foods and liquids for the first 24 hours, as this will cause more
bleeding. Carbonated beverages are not recommended for the first 3 days after surgery. Return to a
normal diet as soon as possible. The normal action of chewing will help prevent stiffness in the muscles
of the jaw. DO NOT drink through a straw for the first 5 days.

Oral Hygiene:

Do not disturb the surgical sites on the day of surgery with vigorous rinsing, brushing, swishing or
spitting. Begin mouth rinses the day after surgery with warm salt-water rinses. (1/2 teaspoon of salt
mixed in an 8-ounce glass of warm water) Rinse gently 3 or 4 times a day for one week. The day after
surgery you may also start gently brushing your teeth. Do not use a Water-Pik for the first week as this
may disrupt the formulation of a good blood clot in the tooth socket. At your 1 week follow up visit, you
will be given a plastic irrigation syringe to help keep the extraction sites clean.

Control of Swelling:

Some swelling is normal after oral surgery. The swelling may peak on the third day and gradually go
down over the next 3 days. You can help minimize the swelling by applying an ice pack to the outside
of your face (adjacent to the surgery site) for 20 minutes on and 290 minutes off. Use the ice pack for
the first 3 days only then switch to warm moist heat to help reduce any remaining swelling.

Sharp Edges:

If you feel something sharp or hard in the area of the surgery, it is likely your are feeling the bony walls,
which once supported the extracted teeth. Occasionally small slivers of bone may work themselves
out over several weeks following the surgery. If they cause concern or discomfort please call the office.


- Don't smoke for the first 3 days and limit smoking as much as possible for the first week.
- Don't drive for 24 hours after receiving IV sedation or general anesthetic or while taking prescription
pain medicine.
- Do rest with your head elevated on 2 or 3 pillows to reduce discomfort.

Note to patients who are breast feeding: If you are currently breast feeding, you will need top pump and
discard for 24 hours following your surgery. If you are taking pain medication, you must continue to pump
and discard until you are no longer taking the medication. You may resume breast feeding when you
have pumped and discarded for 24 hours after taking the last pill.


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